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Covent Garden Flower Girls

The history of Covent Garden is truly beautiful, and there are some lovely maidens with close connections to this wonderful area. Look beyond the shops, street performers and tourists to uncover a bouquet of social history on this delightful walking tour. 

Your guide is a shabbily dressed flower market girl from days gone by, eager to tell the story of the ladies and gentlemen who often trodded the cobble streets of Covent Garden. Hear about the famous Fair Lady of them all... Eliza Doolittle. Visit the former Flower Market and Fruit & Vegetable Markets to hear of the orange seller turned actress/King's mistress Nell Gwynn. 

Dip into the Theatreland's history to hear about a theatre critic that went on to be a flying success, meet the women of the 1800s who made their mark in West End history, and the debauchery ladies of the night who were selling everything to put food in their mouths. 

As this tour ends in the flourishing Covent Garden area, you'll be spoilt for choice on where to go for a little refreshment. Cocktail suggestions are available upon request! 

**Please book your space in advance.

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    Ages 0 - 12yrs
  • Duration
    2 Hours
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    Wed 17 April 12noon

    Wed 29 May 2pm

    Wed 12 June 2pm

    Mon 1 July 3pm

    Thurs 25 July 11:30am

    Tues 13 Aug 1pm

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