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Life & Times of Jane Austen’s Emma

Explore the Regency and discover the best seller of 1815!

Emma was Jane Austen’s last book published during her lifetime, in December 1815. Some say it was her best. This walk is a celebration of that book.

We discuss real-life events that happened during the time that Jane Austen wrote the book, and how people lived during the time known as Regency England. Join your Regency-dressed tour guide as we “take the air in Brunswick Square”, a favourable past-time for ladies of the day.

Discover for the first time, or recall with delight, the story of Emma and the characters that make up this fantastic novel.

Is Emma loveable?

Is Frank Churchill a gentleman?

Can we be friends with Jane Fairfax?

Learn about why it’s called the Regency, who was the Prince Regent, and how did he shape and influence London and the country. Enjoy gossip of the day, as we discuss the details of Princess Caroline’s personal hygiene. Take instruction from a Lady of Distinction in order to make sure your etiquette is on par with other ladies of your stature.

An enjoyable tour that combines literature, London and life! 

**Please book your space in advance.

Public Tour Dates for this walk will be in celebration of various relevant events:

Mother's Day: Sunday March 26

Saturday July 15

Kate Beckinsale's BDay: July 26

Emma Film Release Anniversary: August 2

Alicia Silverstone's BDay: October 4

Clueless Film Release Anniversary: October 20

This tour is available for private hire when it is not running on public dates.


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Ages 0 - 12yrs