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Winston, Women and Song!

Winston Churchill, Women's Suffrage and Wartime Music are combined in this tour with melodious charm! This tour combines all of these subjects into a sing-a-long walk through Westminster! March along, join in... and sing if you wish! There will be songs coordinated to accompany us on our way.

Those interested in the life and times of Winston Churchill will be sure to enjoy this walk. We cover ground in Westminster, taking in statues and stories from the fascinating life of Winston Churchill. The walk includes Winston as a boy and his famous parents, his early military career and his love of cigars, his World War I blunder, his love for Clementine, World War II and his Prime Minister years.

Women's Suffrage and the roles that women played as war changed our way of life are also covered. "Meet" Emmeline Pankhurst and her famous daughters, hear the song that describes how the war changed the roles of women in society, and join in marching for Votes for Women.

The tour takes in famous sightseeing locations including Big Ben & Houses of Parliament, Downing Street, Trafalgar Square and Piccadilly Circus. You'll enjoy this experience and find yourself humming a tune all the way home.

**Please book your space in advance.

Some dates of this tour are significant to historic dates:

January 24: Winston Churhill's Birthday

February 14: Valentine's Day

May 5: Sylvia Pahnhurst Birthday

May 8: Victory in Europe Day

June 14: Emmeline Pankhurst Dies

June 28: Anniversary of Franz Ferdinand, start of WWI

July 15: Emmeline Pankhurst's Birthday

August 15: Victory over Japan Day

September 22: Cristabel Pankhurst Birthday

November 30: Winston Churchill Dies

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