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Churches, Corners & Corridors

Blood, death and mystery. What could be lurking around the next corner? Step off the beaten path, away from the hustle and bustle of one of the busiest cities in the world to uncover real stories that will make you look and think twice. Centuries of history have unfolded on these little narrow alleyways, and you will soon discover the darker side is closer than you imagined.

Your guide will be wearing black, perhaps dressed for a Victorian funeral, and she will escort you down legendary corridors to seek out the hidden history within. Stone paths and cobbled pavements will be at our feet, but tred lightly as you dive into the past to unearth frightfully real tragedies. These people lived and worked just like you and me, but they met their end in a most horrid way. 

This tour has everything: ghosts and legends, hangings and burning alive, Jack the Ripper and the Resurection Men... there's plenty to uncover. Walk with me as we investigate some of the City of London’s hidden gems… churches that have stood for hundreds of years, corners teeming with secrets and scandals, and corridors to take us on our journey. 

This walk will unveil areas you may not have explored before, or even help you to view some old familiar places with new eyes. No other walk will allow you to encounter exploding dragons, bar-b-qued saints, glimmering gold makers, and the ancient practice of bequeathing your money to confirm a ticket to Heaven!


Tour Information
  • Price - Adult
  • Price - 0-12yrs
  • Duration
    2 Hours
  • Operating Days


    (Resumes May 2021)

  • Meeting Point
    Barbican Station
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