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Historic London Pub Crawl

When you are a tourist, going to a pub might seem intimidating. You fear that scene from a film where you walk through the swinging doors of a saloon, the bar goes quiet and everyone turns to stare you down! I guarantee that will NOT happen on this tour! This is the perfect opportunity for those who are pub-curious to visit this environment without any hesitation.

British culture starts and ends at the pub!Part of London culture is "pub life". What a great place to relax, hang with friends, and enjoy one of the best parts of British cuisine -- BEER! Going to a historic or atmospheric tavern for a drink and social interaction is a common scene for any local or tourist enjoying the city's nightlife or just trying to wait until the travel traffic reduces before heading home.

Come with me to some of the more historic and hidden pubs in London. Drinking is optional, and non-alcoholic drinks are available too! Learn a little about pub history, famous drinkers and visit some infamous pubs. You'll become familiar with some of the pub brands that are famous in London, discover the exploding world of craft beer and how it differs from real ale, understand why the British are known for "warm beer", and differentiate a gin palace from an old tavern.

Beer was safe to drink compared to water, and many famous people spent plenty of time in pubs. Learn how beer is made, why it is drank "warm" in England, and how to tell the difference between an ale, a lager, and a porter. You'll also learn the secret to asking for a good beer from a quality pub. 

We will also discuss that age old necessity... the loo! What goes in, must come out, so this tour has obligatory 'pit stops' to help us make our way down the road. 

This tour takes you to some of the best, famous, and hidden pubs around town.

  • Visit at least six pubs (up to 10, depending on how fast you walk!) to explore history and architecture
  • A tasting of at least 3 beers with explanation of each 
  • A sample of traditional pub grup (not suitable for vegan/vegetarians) 
  • Optional opportunity to purchase a drink, not mandatory
  • Suitable for those aged 17yrs or older
  • Comfortable tour for  ‘non-drinkers’ who want to experience a pub scene, drinking not required

**Note: Tour price includes the walking tour. Purchases made on drinks or food are at your discretion and not included in the tour price.

**Please book your space in advance.

Tour Information
  • Price - Adult
  • Price - 0-12yrs
    Ages 0 - 12yrs
  • Duration
    2 Hours
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    (Resume May 2021)

  • Meeting Point
    Temple Station
  • Type of Tour
    Walking Tour
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