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Sunday London History (Virtual)

London is an amazing city, but when you visit in person, you are so busy trying to fit in all of the tourist attractions and snap photos that you don't have time to really appreciate the history that has happened here. You might not realise that the building you just passed or the street you walked down had an important person or event take place right there!

This online time travelling journey is tailored to give you the history highlights related to London in a snappy and engaging format. Let's avoid any boring history lessons and focus on the interesting parts!

Delivered via Zoom, session are tailored for adults and children and include both a dynamic presentation and costume changes to keep each session engaging and entertaining. Subjects include general history of London combined with a virtual tour via Google Maps. An optional handout for children to answer questions is available for those wanting to make this a learning opportunity.

After launching these sessions during the pandemic, it was clear that they were enjoyable and should continue in some fashion. While not everyone is ready to travel to London, you can still get your fix of London history. "My wife and I thoroughly enjoyed it, I didn't realise how much I would learn!," said one attendee.

Feel free to book one of the following, or book the whole series! Our series will begin on Sunday 6 June and run for 10 weeks. Simply book your space now and you'll receive the Zoom details via email 1 hour prior to the starting time.

We begin at 7pm London time, which works out for the USA viewers to be 1pm Central/2pm Eastern/11am Pacific. Each week will cover the following topics:

Week 1 (Sun 6 June): 43AD - 1066 - Romans, Vikings, Anglo-Saxons

Week 2 (Sun 13 June): 1066 - 1300 - Hastings, The Crusades & Magna Carta

Week 3 (Sun 20 June): 1300 - 1499 - Plague, Peasants & War of the Roses

Week 4 (Sun 27 June): The 1500s - Henry VIII, his wives, their children

Week 5 (Sun 4 July) The 1600s - Gunpowder Plot, English Civil War & the Great Fire

Week 6 (Sun 11 July) The 1600s Part 2 - Shakespeare, Wren and Newton

Week 7 (Sun 18 July) The 1700s - Georgians and more

Week 8: (Sun 25 July) The 1800s - Regency, Industrial Revolution

Week 9 (Sun 1 Aug) 1900 - 1950s - Suffrage, Transport, Wars and Olympics

Week 10 (Sun 8 Aug) 1950s - 2000 - From Austerity to Excess

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