We had a two hour tour of Westminster with Amber this week which was fantastic! We ranged in age from 5 to 65 and everyone in our group of eight stayed interested and involved for the entire tour. Amber has great energy and tells historic tales through interactive stories and quirky facts. We all loved the tour and will rebook with her when we have more visitors to London later this year. I would not hesitate to recommend her!!


D Hinlon

We met Amber at the Westminster Tube Station and enjoyed the next two hours walking around and learning a lot about the Westminster area. I've been to London several times and found Amber's knowledge and enthusiasm to be top notch. My 10, 9, and 4 year old were engaged and enjoyed the tour. I would highly recommend Amber's tour to anyone wanting and enjoyable and informative morning or afternoon.


JohnG550flyer, USA

Walk, Talk & Tea: Amber is quite knowledgable about the sites in central London - not only its history but the stories behind the history that made this tour so memorable and much more enjoyable than other tours. The tour ended with English Afternoon Tea where even more history and stories were shared. Amber is very personable and a great person to spend your afternoon with. Brava!


Matthew S, London

I loved this tour!! Amber was so knowledgeable and engaging that the time flew by. I highly recommend a tour even if you are a Londoner. We're lucky to live in such a fascinating city and we should all learn more about it!!

Mary L, London

My friends and I spent a few days in London, and meeting up with Amber was one of the highlights of our trip! She is so fun and bubbly, has a wealth of information about the city, and is fabulous at navigating. Her themed tours are so fun and interesting-I can't wait to visit again!

B. Wilde, Texas USA

Amber is definitely your gal if you want to go to Buckingham Palace - she's a fantastic teacher of British History and makes it easy to understand! Would love to do her Loo Walking Tour or Mary Poppins Tour (next time!)

Caviezel1221, USA

I went on Amber the American Tour Guide's Bridget Jones walking tour, and it was probably the most fun I ever had on any walking tour! In addition to pointing out locations from the Bridget Jones books and films, Amber asked us Bridget Jones-related questions, told us a lot of fun background info and even gave us some of Bridget's favourite things (Milk Trays, instants, candy sticks as cigarettes). It was a truly wonderful afternoon and I encourage anyone who likes the Bridget Jones books and/or films to take the tour!


Sigrid T, London

I'm sure you think that you like Mary Poppins -- you're considering going to Old London and taking a Mary Poppins tour - and I recommend that you do. Amber likes Mary Poppins more than you do. She knows the words to the songs, dresses like Mary, and weaves the history and architecture of Old London with the story of Mary Poppins - both the series of books, the author of those books, and the making of the Disney classic. People will notice that Mary Poppins is walking around, children will smile, and it's rather hard not to be noticed as you're skipping around the streets singing.


M. Reider, USA

"What a stimulating, varied, entertaining walk the other day. You united a very disparate group in maximum enjoyment. What more can I say? Thanks again!"


Lilly Lewy, London UK

"We went on the pub crawl and I thought it would be a bunch of drinking. It wasn’t. It’s a walk through history that takes you to places where famous poets, writers, politicians and historic figures lived in London. And now I can say I’ve sat where Charles Dickens drank!"

Katie Gruenhagen of Bloomington, Indiana


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